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BG5™ Career and Business Consultant
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Start with a Career Design Overview!

Begin to understand your gifts
what keeps you from speaking your truth!

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Your Overview is a personalized presentation facilitated within an online recorded Zoom meeting room. Once you have registered and scheduled your Overview, you will receive instructions on how to access the online video chat room. After your Overview, you will be given access to the recording and the slide presentation in PDF format. Overviews typically last 1.5 – 2 hours depending on questions/comments.

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My BG5 Career and Business Consultant Certification is currently pending. Therefore, the price for an Overview is at a discount. As a point of reference, the industry standard for the BG5 Career Design Overview from a certified professional is currently around $400.

Schedule your Overview today for the discounted price of $150!

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Overview (Success Codes 1-6)
1 session (approx 2 hr)


Full Analysis (Success Codes 7-16)
3 sessions (approx 2 hrs each)