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Are you committed to understanding more about yourself?

In a world where people are conditioned to say what will make others happy, I invite you to stand out from the crowd by courageously speaking your truth. Experiment with confidence while being a true leader and join me and my other clients in speaking a message of truth, truth that comes from deep within. BE the leader you know is inside of you waiting to be revealed!

It brings me great joy to work with people who are committed to understanding and transforming themselves. My clients are those of you that recognize you have a message to share with others. Are you focused on expressing a new way of being in the world, a way that supports individual uniqueness and human diversity, a way that leads to unity within your partnerships, teams and families? Well that’s my message too! I invite you to join me. Learn to trust yourself. You, too, can experience pleasure when speaking truthfully instead of going along with the everyone else. Learn to be authentically YOU! Feel worthy of sharing your truth because it connects you to the people who matter most to you.

HOW I HELP…  I step-in and provide a practical, out-of-the box solution that gives you a mechanism from which you can make correct decisions and speak authentically. I help by shining a light on the distractions that cause you to veer off track. When aligned correctly, you are able to BE the truth of who you are and share the messages you are here to share.

I am available to support you on your path of self-discovery. The solution begins by discovering who you are through the lens of BG5, a revolutionary system that reveals not only your Strengths, but also the Shadows that distract you. 

BG5 is the business application of the Human Design System. The system reveals the hidden potentials within each of us, allowing us to succeed in our careers, within teams, in family relationships and in life! Would you like to join me?

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Meet Melissa

Career & Business

Chad M

I recently had a BG5 Full Analysis from Melissa and the experience has been a game changer for me. Melissa possesses a great understanding of Human Design/BG5 and a positivity while educating. The results were immediate in both my professional and personal life. I have a better understanding of how I naturally handle situations and this allows me to be more confident in my role at work. Going through the BG5 process with Melissa has allowed me to be more productive with less stress. I highly recommend the BG5 system and Melissa's consulting services!

~ Chad - Financial Advisor

Donna G.

EXCEPTIONAL! That best describes what I learned and how I experienced Melissa throughout my adventure into the BG5 Penta business model. One first meets and is immediately engaged by Melissa’s personal attributes: A lovely, self-assured demeanor coupled with exuberance and a genuine confidence that is projected through her pleasant, well-modulated voice and ease of articulation. One feels secure in the embrace of her joy and authentic self-accepting love. Her elevating presence creates an atmosphere of freedom and openness. Though she sometimes delivers challenging comments in the presentations - which is where the rubber hits the road – they are inarguably right on. This being my first experience with the full scope of the BG5 model, I must say it was time and energy well spent – and highly rewarding! The depth and accuracy of her analysis is impressive.

~ Donna G.

Yoshie B.

Melissa is AMAZING…
What sets Melissa apart from many is her genuine willingness and passion to help people fulfill their potential. Anyone who is fortunate enough work with her will experience her dedication first hand. Melissa has all the skills of a great entrepreneur and consultant and has helped many others in different ways. She is a calm, positive, and kind individual. I would recommend Melissa to anyone who is looking for a positive change in their life!

Sue L.

Thank you, Melissa for eye-opening BG5 sessions! Through your enthusiastic approach and evaluative process, I have learned so much about myself. Even things that I 'knew' were reinforced by your research and keen listening and interpretative skills. You made the complicated body-graph easy to understand and best of all, practical for my use and application to daily life. Just being aware of these traits and themes of my personality will help me to see future opportunities and allow me to depend on my gut to know what is and more importantly, what will be, correct for me! I'm excited to bring this awareness to my daily interactions and to whatever life sends in my direction.

~ Sue L.

Carissa M.

I recently worked with Melissa, on a 3 session full analysis to discover more about my Human Design and how I can use that information to become more successful in my career and life. The information Melissa presented to me was fascinating, informative, thought provoking, inspirational and authentic! After working with her I feel I have been given true validation to function as the person I am in my core being, as it relates to both my line of work and personal endeavors. This process has been “mind blowing” for me and I believe doing it has made a positive impact on my future!

Melissa is a beautiful soul! If you have the opportunity to invite her into your existence in any way I would highly recommend it. You will not be sorry you did!

~ Carissa M.

Sara W.

Melissa is a highly intuitive person who easily connects with people. Her warmth and depth of spirit make her so approachable. She is a consummate professional with years of corporate experience, as well as a lifelong learner. The combination of her corporate work and her passion for Human Design makes her the ideal person to guide a business to new levels of cooperation, staff empowerment, and profitability. I don't just consider Melissa a colleague, but also a wonderful friend.

~ Sara W.

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