LYD Workshop 2 (2 people)



The LYD workshop focuses on four topics – Centers, Types, Strategies and Authorities. The workshop is structured as a 2 day event. Subsequent days are preferred with a total commitment time of around 12 hours. An LYD Workshop is required for further professional studies in Human Design.

Objectives for the LYD workshop include the following:


~Explanation of Defined, Undefined and Open Centers
~Understand how you are affected by your Definition
~Explore how you impact others


~Understand how the 4 Types operate
~Discuss what it is like to be each Type
~Learn the Strategy of your Type
~Understand how your Type interacts with others


~Discuss how Inner Authorities work
~Learn how to follow your own Inner Authority

This workshop is presented online in a recorded Zoom meeting room. After you have registered for the course, you will receive instructions on how to access the online video chat room. Following the workshop, you will be given access to the recordings and the slide presentation in a PDF format. During the workshop, there will be opportunities for sharing/discussion, Q&A and exploration of participants’ BodyGraphs.